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We believe in preserving our environment ,by keeping our landfields free of waste and saving greenhouse gasses , be a part of our reciclying program, if you have any computer sitting at home,bring it to us,we can find a solution for your computer problems please feel free to contact us anytime,we are here to serve you.

100x100 Computer Repair Services

Our professional and experience team will take care of your computer problems

Hardware Repair + Software Repair

  • Laptop/IPAD/Tablet screen repair/replacement.

  • Laptop keyboard repair/replacement.

  • Data recovery.

  • Laptop power jack repair/replacement.

  • Laptop/Desktop overheating issues repair.

  • Laptop/Desktop motherboard repair/replace.

  • Error messages repair(blue/black) screen.

  • Hardware Installation/Replace and Setup/Upgrade.

  • Computer virus, spyware, malware removal.

  • Computer Setup/Upgrade.

  • Setup/Training Printer, Scanner Device issues.

  • Internet/Email connectivity issues.

  • Operating System Installation/Upgrade.

  • Blue Screen of death(BSOD), Boot issues.

  • Slow computer issues.

  • Migration data to setup new computer.

  • Build customize Computer.

  • Recovery Password for Microsoft Windows Platform.

100x100 Computer Maintenance

Our Maintenance service will keep your components clean inside and out. We keep Your Technology in Good Shape

  • Computer Tune up.

  • HDD Maintenance.

  • Cleaning Internal/External Components.

  • Operating System Maintenance.

100x100 Computer Network

Network Design, Installation and Configuration.

Our team of expert will work hand in hand with you, to design your network.

  • Design, Installation and configuration wired(Cat5,6)

  • Wireless network technology

  • Diagnostic network security issues

  • Router or Device Network Setup/Issues

  • Home/Small Business server installation

  • Cloud computer solutions.

  • IT staffing Services

On site Repair

When you need fast repair, let one of our experienced technicians come to your home or office to quickly diagnose and repair your computer or network issues. we’ll run a full check of your computer for FREE diagnose and Estimate.

On Service Center

The services center is only for repair some parts that we can't doing on site we have a sophisticated Computer Repair Center for diagnostic any hardware issues!. we’ll run a full check of your computer for FREE diagnose and Estimate. if you give the go-ahead for the repair, we’ll waive the handling fee(pickup and delivered). we charge for gas depend how many kilometers you are from our service center.

Home/Business Server Installations
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2000, 2003, 2008, 2012.
  • Unix Freebsd, Linux Red Hat, Ubuntu Server, Debian Server, linux Suset.
  • For more details don't hesitate to contact with us

100x100 Client Support

Create a technical services request and check its status using our online tracking services system.

Street Name and number(Apartment if is a building)

This service is for our customer which service still under warranty. if your computer or laptop have any issues we can fix it online using the remote control Access.

What Should I do to request this service?


  1. Call us with the Number of invoice in hand.
  2. Execute the Application(not need installation).Execute here
  3. Send us by text message or by phone call, Your Id and Password from the Remote Application.
  4. The client have to be front on the computer until the services is completed.

We are proud to be be Reseller from AVG Antivirus Software. One of the lider in security oround the world espacially in North America.

Benefit for you when you buy AVG Product from us.

  • 30 Day Money Back if AVG not satisfy your demand.
  • 6 Months FREE Computer Removal Virus Services.
  • Free Installation and Configuration in your computer/laptop.

This is a program thinking of your ,Friends and Family.
Because with this Program is for everyone to be part of we "What we do" anyone that can go to our website can refer a person to us.
could be friend or family and in that way you can help them save money. For each person that you refer to us in our Tech Services, you can get 5$ or more toward to you Tech services and 5$ Off or more to your Friends or Family after the services is done.
At the end you can get Tech Services for free.

100x100 Your Information

100x100 References Information

Many Company claims to be the best. But with us everything we say, we do

  • 24/7 On Call services
  • Friendly, Reliability and Honest Services.
  • Payment Facilities
  • 100% Guarantee Satisfaction
  • Free Computer Loan.
  • Free estimate and Diagnostic.
  • We fix all Model Laptop/Desktop
  • 30 days service warranty.
  • Direct provider parts.
  • No FIX - No FEE.
  • Lower Price in town.
We promise to our customers. Only this powerful points.

  • We bring back alive your technology.
  • We will work within your budget.
  • Give you the services you need. Not we want.
  • Follow up our recommendation 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.
  • No hidden charge.
You can Trust on our Services